About Us

Body Renewal began as the result of a personal trainer's unexpected cancer diagnosis.


For the first time she found herself in a position of  having to rely upon others. While traditional medicine surely saved her life, it did not address her quality of life issues.


Many struggles remained, and as a personal trainer she had the knowledge and training to address them.  At the same time, she recognized that others were not so fortunate.


With the encouragement of her physicians, she successfully completed a certification which further enabled her to assist cancer patients to address the residuals of surgery and cancer treatment. This experience brought  new meaning to her work as a personal trainer.  


Body Renewal started with two personal trainers certified to design exercise programs to address the individual needs of cancer patients.


While exercise is an vital factor in dealing with the effects of  cancer, cancer treatment, loss of range of motion, lack of energy, and recurrence. We soon realized that there were  other aspects of the journey that needed to be addressed. This knowledge led us to expand our role to Patient Advocates.


While clearly recognizing that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are effective tools in battling the disease, we cannot overlook the importance of maintaining range of motion, skin integrity (for maximum results in reconstruction), and general mental and physical well-being.


We saw the need for combining traditional medicine with the body's natural ability to heal itself. This led to a collaboration with Dr. Linda Nelson, CEO of The M'lis Company.


As survivors, it was critical to us that we offer natural products that truly had something to offer our clients. Our search ended with a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to the corporate offices of M’Lis. There was no doubt in our minds that we had found products that could help our clients and a corporation who truly cared about the clients and their needs.


Body Renewal brings The M'lis Company's 25 years of experience with skin care and lifestyle/wellness programs to the medical arena.





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