Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the body. The fact that healthy skin starts from the inside - out is too often overlooked in trying to improve most skin conditions. Working with M'Lis representatives you can learn how to achieve a glowing healthy complexion by using our skin care line and improving overall health.


Tissue REPAIR Cream was originally formulated to minimize scar tissue formation following both regular and plastic surgery. Working with physicians, this formula has now been advanced to the point it can even help reverse the scarring process and diminish most types of newly formed scar tissue.

REPAIR cream nourishes, softens and conditions ultra-dry and damaged skin. It was found to be 100% safe in all tests for continuous application on all types of skin and all body parts.

M'lis REPAIR cream has been also been proven to help reverse the scarring process in cancer patients who have experienced deeply scarred tissue resulting from radiation. REPAIR is also helpful in preventing skin damage, leaving the skin more viable for reconstruction.

REPAIR cream has the ability to penetrate up to 25 cell layers and micro-photography tests have shown substantial changes within 7 days of use and visible changes within 21 days. REPAIR also provides relief for those who suffer from burns, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, abrasions, poison ivy, poison oil, rosacea and sunburn. REPAIR cream is chemical free and safe to use on any type of skin

. For best results, REPAIR cream should be used with M'lis Herbal Wash and applied at least twice a day until the problem is alleviated.

Herbal Wash:  Replaces soap, astringents, cleansing creams and facial scrubs.  Superior deep pore action, pH balanced for all skin types, helps acne conditions, total body cleanser.  WASH is formulated to go deep into the pores and flush away dirt and bacteria without leaving alkaline residues.  WASH is medicated with a full spectrum bactercept to protect the skin from gram positive and gram negative bacteria and fungus.
Hydrate:  Developed in 1970's and first used in eye surgery to protect delicate eye tissue.  A clear liquid with the uncanny ability to absorb 1,000 times its own weight in water when applied to the skin.  Does not penetrate the dermis, but remains on the skin surface, keeping it moist.  For this reason, surface lines become less visible instantly upon application.  Hydrate is the "vehicle" to transport active ingredients (M'lis firm, moisturize or nutrient oil).
Firm Gel:  Contains collagen (primary building protein of the skin).  the natural moisturizing effects of collagen creates an invisible shield to retain the skin's moisture balance.  FIRM benefits the skin by providing a significant reduction of wrinkles, stimulates many of the skin's natural abilities to care for and protect itself from unfavorable conditions.  Cell renewal increases with simultaneous cell movement to the skin's surface.  FIRM maintains the skin's youthful capability for efficient conservation and absorption of its essential inner moisture resulting in the skin looking and feeling fresh, glowing and renewed. 
Renew:  Ester C Serum:  A superior moisturizer for the face and neck.  RENEW prompts cell renewal by stimulating the formation of essential collagin and elastin.  RENEW reduces the appearane of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the texture of the skin.  It protects the skin against sun (UV) and environmental damage.  RENEW maintains skin elasticity and inhibits the production of melanin to even out skin tone and lighten dark spots.  RENEW is capable of preventing and even reversing the effects of aging on human skin.
Moisture:  Scientifically formulated to penetrate deep into the dermis layers of the skin and fight  wrinkles at their source.  This amazing cream stimulates, nourishes and moisturizes the inside layer of the skin while at the same time, it tones and protects the outside layer of skin.  It helps renew, refine and revitalize the skin texture.  MOISTURIZE helps the skin by providing essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, placenta protein, collagen, RNA factor and other nutrients essential for vibrant looking and healthily skin.
Nourish:  Ultimate Oil for delicate skin around the eyes, damaged skin, hair and scalp treatment, elbows, knees and heels.  NOURISH is a breakthrough in combining rich nutrient oils with bee pollen and carrying agents that are absorbed quickly without clogging pores or feeling greasy.  The bee pollen used in NOURISH is free of chemical pesticides.
Tone:  Skin Spray which enlivens the skin while softening the appearance of facial lines.  It invigorates and refreshes the skin while producing a smooth, soft feeling.  Use throughout the day to refresh and revitalize.
Scrub:  Facial Exfoliator providing deep cleansing action; refines the skin by removing dead surface cells that contribute to clogged pores; leaves skin feeling fresh and alive; utilizes special rounded granules that are buffered and suspended in a rich, creamy lotion; helps reduce tiny wrinkles, uneven texture and irregular pigmentation leaving skin texture noticeably smoother.  SCRUB makes dull, lifeless skin look vibrant and healthy.  SCRUB contains menthol which has a cooling and soothing effect to the face and irritated skin.
  Lighten:  Skin Discoloration Lightener for age spots and freckles which appear over time on sun exposed areas of the skin.  LIGHTEN gently and gradually fades skin discoloration over 4-6 weeks when used twice daily.  It deeply penetrates the skin tissue and helps dissolve the buildup of dark pigment.  The natural color of the skin will not be affected.
Buff:  Body Exfoliator removes dead cells, dilates capillaries which enables nutrients to get to the  cells and activates the metabolism of the skin.
Vanish:  Spider  Vein Cream formulated by Holistic vascular surgeons to visually diminish spider veins.  Clinical studies show a 90% proven success rate.  Plastic surgeons also use this formula to minimize post operative bruising and scarring.
Soothe:  Anti-inflammatory gel which soothes muscles and nerve pain as well as inflammations by reducing the inflammatory response of the tissue directly.  SOOTHE was developed to treat swelling, inflammation, aches, pains and soreness of muscles and joints caused by injury, sprains, stiffness, arthritis, fibrositis, sciatica, rheumatic pain and fibromyalgia.
Wild Yam Cream:  Hormone Balance - contains the highest level of DHEA on the market.  DHEA is the most dominant hormone in the body, known as the Mother Hormone.  DHEA is used for anti aging, hormone balance, fatigue and immune disorders.  Natural progesterone.
Heat:  Exercise Gel used for sore muscles, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sore and aching joints.  Works with exercise to make your activities work harder for you.  Increase blood flow for detoxification, helping to improve body shape.  Assists circulation.
Maintain:  Anti Cellulite Lotion - increases circulation, softens and conditions the skin, tightens and tones.  Helps improve circulation.