One on One Training

Initial evaluation to determine current fitness needs. Evaluation includes range of motion testing, baseline measurements and education pertaining to risks of lymphadema.


Clients may work one-on-one with a trainer or schedule sessions with a co-survivor or supporter. We encourage all individuals starting out with an exercise program to work in partnership with a friend or family member as an accountability partner.


Patients must be released from physical therapy and/or authorized by their physician to begin an exercise program. We can help you obtain this release and also meet with your physical therapist to continue your program to achieve maximum benefits.


Join us in our support group classes!

This class is designed to help survivors recover their full range of motion and improve their fitness levels in a safe environment, while enjoying the encouragement of co-survivors. The class is set up to accommodate individuals at every level of fitness from sedentary to advanced.


Walking Clinics - group walking sessions to begin and improve your aerobic and endurance fitness levels.